Rip & Burn / 2007

Besides visual media, I like working with language and words, usually doing so through the titles of my work. Ideally, I prefer to have the title posses some twist or extention of meaning; something that helps the viewer to understand the art in one way but also bring about its ambiguity and subjectivity.

For Rip& Burn, I used the title in which its prime interpretation would mean somethink quite violent, such as tearing up and burning, however, in reality, it can refer solely to computer language and technical specifications to capture and preserve data.

That is the title and the concept for the paintings. The way that I created them was by first choosing 5 keywords, PEOPLE (object), CITY (social structure), LOVE, HATE (basic emotions), LIFE (the form that conects all of them). I used those elementary existential words to search for data and images online. I collected all the materials and subsequentli used selected images as inspiration for a draft of my paintings. So, essentially, the paintings can be seen as something like an internet collage.