9 Extensions / 2000

Using the rough and cold design of a superior force and the symbols of lyrical poetry, the path leading from the form to the meaning of a thing will again be extended a little further.
The chosen instruments of expression—black imitation of leather and metal spikes—are materials free of intellectual discourse. They turn back to “Heavy Metal,” which is these days already moribund. This loosely schemed system with a social subtext is used for the creation of nine pictures, or closely related extensions.
Extension in this manner is used as an expression for an independent abstract subject that allows change. An extension of the sense of things by adding another meaning. The goal is a different extended reality. Delicate topics are worked out in a heavy “Heavy Metal” form.
Therefore, a combination of two social-psychological phenomena is created. Rough, false forces in the form of leather imitations with metal spikes form poetical symbol. We can detect in both a certain relativity, even though on the surface they might be construed as opposites. Heavy Metal often meddled with poetry and was especially laden with symbols; likewise, poetry has sometimes been overly forceful and unduly symbolic.
9 extensions is an opportunity to extend interpretation and meaning to a place where a person needs them most.

1st extension – Fire
Three concentrically growing fires (small, medium and large), with the artistic instrument–metal studs–similarly having three elemental sizes. The fire of emptiness that smelts nothing in the ancient materiel of thought. The wind and water then disturb and kindle this in the space substituting nothing, and they create chaos. Tired by this movement, it then falls in the form of dust and creates earth.

2nd extension – A City
A panorama typical for Prague, Charles Bridge and Hradčany. But it’s Liverpool, where the local lumber factory is situated on a hill above the city.

3rd extension – Tau
Mister Tau for greater effect mixed with Batman. A Rosicrucian symbol “The Honorable Tau” carved into Franz Kafka’s tombstone.

4th extension – A Horse
An idealized horse running and at the same time turning after a bird that is flying away. If we turn the picture around, we shall see an idealized bird running and at the same time turning after a horse that is flying away.

5th extension – Lovers
According to a drawing done in childhood, which dealt with the problem of reproduction. It concerns the act of joining together through the so-called fertility bar. It’s not a part of either of the bodies, but it can be bought in any drugstore.

6th extension – Lunch
A biblical motif of the events that preceded the Last Supper.

7th extension – Jesus
Jesus giving his blessing with wounds on his chest and hands. Jesus of the Animals from the Church of St. Wenceslas. The figure of Jesus is placed on a circle, which represents a slice of salami; the fate of killed animals.

8th extension – Rose
One of the most typical plant representations. A rose that I got as punishment for laughing at contexts in visual art.

9th extension – Church
The Church of St. Wenceslas on Čechovo Square in Vršovice. This church is even for European standards a certain rarity. A subway station entrance and exit is located right in the nave of the church.